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Welcome to B you-Nique Interiors.  I am delighted you stopped by for a visit!  Decorating for your lifestyle is the underlying principle of B YOU-NIQUE INTERIORS.  When redesigning your desired space, my goal is to make the room reflective of your personality and style.  The only thing I enjoy more than creating beautiful spaces is seeing the sheer joy on our clints faces when they firts view their newly decorated or redesigned rooms.  Decorating has always been my passion.  I have been designing and redesigning spaces for family and friends for many years,  To provide the most current styles for my clients, I continuously seek opportunities to stay abreast with lates design trends by attending trade shows and participating in industry seminars and webinars.

PAINT TECHNIQUES:  Looking to modernize your kitchen but can't afford a new one?  We professionally paint any type of kitchen/ furniture surfaces for the fraction of the cost of a new one.  We paint furniture in a variety of styles and finishes, we paint bedroom cupboards, and even gold and silver leaf..

WALLPAPER:  Our Wallpaper will transform your home!  They can make a room cooler, warmer more exciting or more refined, depending on how they are used.  They can also make your painted furniture appear more interesting and special.  This is why dirrerent types of wallpaper matter.  They are the foundation of your home's style and appearance.  B YOU-NIQUE understand these concerns which is why we are committed to helping all our clients pick the best wallpaper for their homes!

PAINT TECHNIQUES COURSES:  Practical and interactive online workshops teach students the skills to decorate their houses or start a career as a paint technique specialist.  Everything from basic preparation of walls, furniture to the most advanced techniques.




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Heleen Vermeulen

Owner B You-Nique Interiors/B You-Nique Paint Technique Studio

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